Wednesday, 26 September 2012

When I grow up I wanna be April.

So. Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler is hilarious you guise. Watched all four seasons in like 2 days and if you don't do the same you're stupid and don't understand the concept of fun.

Blogger is being really annoying today. First I tried to change my e-mail from the one I used to register this account (which I haven't used in like 6 years and am pretty sure has been cancelled for lack of use. I should check that, actually. Six years worth of spam would be a sight to behold). Apparently Gmail accounts can't be used for Blogger accounts. Does that make any sense to anybody? Aren't Gmail and Blogger both under Google? I thought we were living in the future here, but apparently hand-held, touch screen mini-computers with processing power far greater than anything available twenty years ago is far more feasible than using a company's e-mail account to register to THE SAME COMPANY'S blog service. The internet is made of lies, I tell you.
And then, after I login, it comes up with a bunch of videos and graphs and texts trying to get me to "focus on writing great blog posts". Don't tell me what to do Blogger. If I wanna write crappy blog posts that no one is gonna read once every 6 months that's my business.

I guess I'm just cranky cause I haven't smoked since like, Monday. Oh yeah, I quit smoking. Out of every single smoker I know, I'm the only one who has always freely admitted to being a smoker, and never had any problem admitting how much I love those little death-sticks. I mean, 90% of smokers quit 4 to 5 times a year. I've only quitted twice, and the most I've spent without smokes in the past five years was one long, horrible week. And now because I can't work and my little cigarette fund is dry, I'm being forced to give it up. Fuck irony.